Our committee

The Committee Officers for 2020 will need to be ratified at the next Group meeting when we will hold a quick AGM.

Chair  Brian Davey

Vice Chair   Geoff Woolley

Secretary  Lesley Taylor

Treasurer Carol Davey 

Ian Allen
Julie Grist
Roy Johnson
Daphne Millar
Pat Millar
Allan Williams
Janet Williams

A message from the new Chair
Hello! it is my pleasure to take over the chair of the group, although it would have been nicer to do it at an AGM with you present. I was previously Chair at the time the Cedar Centre was opened, and stepped down when I went to work in the Middle East. As I am now retired, I am not intending to go abroad again except for holidays! Compared to others, I am a mere beginner on the committee having joined at the time I was diagnosed with Type 2 back in 1997. I am pleased to say that my wife, Carol Davey, will take over from me as Group Treasurer. I wish to build on all the good things that the Group does – especially holding interesting meetings and expanding on our communications channels. The committee and myself are here to help you understand and live with your diabetes.

Thanks to Roy!  We must pay a massive tribute to the outgoing chair, Roy Johnson. For a good many year, he has poured his heart and soul into the cause of diabetics - even up to a national level.  The good news is Roy is staying on the committee and will concentrate on campaigning and raising awareness in order to get the most effective treatment for his fellow diabetics.

Stay safe! The Covid-19 pandemic is shocking and we diabetics are particularly vulnerable. But try and stay safe and positive by following the official government guidelines, calling on local organisations’ help when required and look up advice from reputable organisations like Diabetes UK. To beat the virus, try and stay as healthy as possible. We will get through this and the efforts of the NHS and other key organisations will no doubt be recognised by society going forward.

I look forward to hearing from you with your ideas and / or concerns.

Regards, Brian